TRANS - MAR Ltd. has been established in 2007 and is registered for performing maritime agency services and mediating in the employment of seafarers.

The company operates in accordance with maritime regulations and legislation of the Republic of Croatia, also possessing the manning licence issued by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure for mediating in the seafarers employment in accordance with the Ordinance on recruitment and placement of seafarers (“The Official Gazette” 120/2007).

TRANS - MAR Ltd. is a member of CROSMA - Croatian Ship Manning Association.


TRANS-MAR Ltd strives at the professional performance of mediating in seafarers' employment with the aim of successfully positioning seafarers with high-quality shipping companies, acquiring confidence in professional relations and securing business progress of all interested parties. With this in mind, the priority is given to the employment of seafarers on reliable shipping companies as well as earning the company trust by employing highly qualified and skilled maritime personnel.


Stable business development and progress in terms of expanding our business interests. Creating a respectable name while working together with seafarers, shipping companies, the Ministry in charge and all partners participating in the process of mediating the employment of seafarers.